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November 2017
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How to choose the right cosmetic surgeon?

Cosmetic surgery involves both surgical and nonsurgical procedures that improve the appearance of the face and body.  Selecting the right cosmetic surgeon is the single most important factor in successful aesthetic procedures. The demand for plastic surgery procedures increased almost 9% last year, according to the statistics released by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic [...]

Dr Altman answers “Is it possible to change one’s facial structure?”

It is possible to change one’s facial structure.  How difficult or easy it is to do depends on what you want changed. For example, longer, thinner faces can be made fuller with dermal fillers, autologous fat transfer or implants. Fuller, more round faces are more difficult to change to a thinner, longer one without plastic [...]

Eyebrows: Ideal Shape Male vs Female. Cosmetic Dermatology NJ

When approaching rejuvenation procedures in women and men, it is important to keep in mind the anatomic and aesthetic differences between the genders.  Here we look at the differences between the male and female eyebrows. Eyebrows: Male vs Female               The Ideal Male Eyebrow The ideal male brow is [...]

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