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Acne and acne scar treatment. Dr. Emily Altman, NJ.

Acne is a disease of the hair follicle, caused by a combination of both internal and external factors.  Abnormal build-up of skin cells causes a plug at the opening of the hair follicle, creating a clogged pore, the first step in acne lesion formation.  The clogged pore accumulates keratin, oil (sebum) and bacteria until it [...]

How should one handle pimples and clogged pores on the face? Dr. Emily Altman answers on Quora.com?

A good place to start is a benzoyl peroxide (BP) wash. There are many different ones over the counter. Studies have shown that lower strength BP products are just as effective as higher strength without the irritation that higher strengths may cause. Benzoyl peroxide products also come in creams or gels. There are also sulfur/resorcinol [...]

Skin, hormones and the dermatologist

It is well known that hormonal abnormalities can lead to skin problems.  We see that often when women start or stop particular types of birth control pills, when they get pregnant or give birth, when they enter menopause, etc. During these times, we can see acne and hidradenitis flares, hair loss, excessive hair growth, and [...]

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