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How does Sculptra work?

How do nails age? Emily M. Altman, MD Dermatologist NJ

“Why nails age” is relatively simple.  They age as we age.  Nails are exposed to the same environmental stressors and the same mechanisms that cause the rest of the body to age.  They can dry out and become more brittle.  They grow slower and may become thickened, dull or yellowed. The most common and prominent [...]

Dr Emily Altman answers “How to treat a diaper rash?”

Diaper rash is a rash that develops in the diaper-covered area. Most commonly it’s caused by irritation from urine or stool. Diaper rash rarely involves the groin folds because those areas are not in contact with irritants. Skin infections can either cause a diaper rash or be superimposed on it. Bacterial (Staph and Strep) and yeast/fungal (Candida) [...]

What happens when your blood sugar level drops?

Blood sugar level regulation is complex with contributions from many different systems. These multiple controls are designed to keep a steady supply of glucose to the brain. Brain metabolism depends primarily on glucose for fuel. If the amount of glucose supplied by the blood falls, the brain is one of the first organs affected. There [...]

Causes and treatments of perianal itching

Anal or perianal itching is a common skin condition that goes undiagnosed and untreated for years, because patients are embarrassed to bring that up to their doctors.  Many patients think,  ”They have to look down there?  No way!”  The importance of bringing this “embarrassing” topic up with your doctor cannot be overestimated. Anal itch (pruritus [...]

“What should I do about chronic hair shedding?” Dr Emily Altman

There are a number of causes to chronic hair shedding. Clearly not all of them will be applicable to a young, healthy man. We normally lose approximately 100 hairs a day, and they are replaced by new growing hairs. So the problem comes when either the numbers of hairs shed per day is greater than [...]

Dr Emily Altman on Quora

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