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November 2017
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Emily Altman’s answer to 9/11: Where were you on 11th of September, 2001?

I was in my office seeing patients and being more than mildly annoyed at hubby who was leaving that day for a month-long visit to Russia and the Ukraine. It was his birthday that day, which unfortunately he has not been able to celebrate again given what happened that day. That was the reason he was not attending a meeting at Windows on the World that morning. Little did I know that this trip I was so annoyed with would save his life. Two beautiful young men (inside and out) who worked with him were there and never made it out. We miss them still.

As for me, I watched the whole thing on TV. It was around 9 am when I finished with one of my patients and went out into the waiting room to call the next patient in, only to see her glued to our small waiting room TV. She asked me if I knew what was happening. I did not. At that time they were replaying the video of the first plane hitting the towers. As we watched in total disbelief, the live shot of the second plane hitting cut in. My patient’s daughter worked at the World Trade Center and there was no way of getting a hold of her.

The World Trade Center was my favorite sight as I drove into the City daily for many years. There was something so special to me about the Twin Towers. I made sure to catch a glimpse of them any time I went into the City. I still look at the spot as I drive on 280.

Later on that day the news started pouring in about the Pentagon and Flight 93. It was shock, horror and disbelief. My husband made it home from Jersey City with news that Nick and Jimmy were gone. We had dinner with Nick and his girlfriend just a few weeks before. Nick’s last act before the towers collapsed was to call his girlfriend and tell her he loved her. He knew at that point.

I actually can’t believe that tomorrow it will be 10 years since it happened.  I honor the ones whose lives were lost that day, their loved ones who miss them still and the brave people who came to the rescue.  We will always remember.

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